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Bellingham is an outdoor playground with hundred of miles of trails!  Trail running is a fun and healthy way to connect with nature and improve your fitness.  The BTRC will help you have fun, socialize, and achieve your trail running goals whether you are new to trail running, an old pro, an ultra runner, or a road runner with an adventurous streak.  Join a fun group of runners who are exploring the trails. All ability levels are welcome!

Everyone Welcome Group Run: we have a group training run every week on Tuesday mornings.  Join us for a fun and informative run.  Group runs start at 10am.  See our group run page for information on the run including where to meet and dates.

Brewery & Back Urban Trail Run: most Thursdays at 6pm.  Join us for a fun and social run from one of our excellent local breweries that will take you through many local urban trails.  We will end at the brewery and enjoy some drinks and food. All paces, run is 5-8 miles. For more info, dates, locations visit our Facebook page. This run is lots of fun. For winter and early spring dates, bring your headlamp!

Join the BTRC and enjoy the camaraderie and support of other local runners.  Members and nonmembers can attend the weekly BTRC group run.  Members receive a discount on BTRS races and a discount on Running Coaching.  Coaching plans includes learning how to run efficiently on the trails, tackle the uphills and downhills, race, improve overall fitness.  For more information on joining the BTRC, please visit our Membership page!
Stewart Mountain Trail Race