Welcome to the Bellingham Trail Running Club

Bellingham is an outdoor playground with hundred of miles of trails! Trail running is a fun and healthy way to connect with nature and improve your fitness. The BTRC will help you have fun, socialize, and achieve your trail running goals whether you are new to trail running, an old pro, an ultra runner, or a road runner with an adventurous streak. Join a fun group of runners who are exploring the trails. All ability levels are welcome!


Join the BTRC and enjoy the camaraderie and support of other local runners. Members and nonmembers can attend the weekly BTRC group run. Members receive a discount on BTRS races.

Group Runs

Our group runs explore local trails and keep you motivated and running year around with other local runners! After the run, we might get lunch, dinner, or drinks at a local restaurant or Brewpub These group runs are acceptable for any fitness level. You do not need to be a member to join in the fun!

Weekly Morning Trail Run
Led by Nichole Braun & Mark Harding
We have a group run every week usually on Wednesday mornings! Join us for a fun and social run. For most up to date info on our runs, go to our Facebook Group Page. On our club FB page be sure to click on “Events” under the cover photo.

BTRS Course Preview Runs
Monthly, Seasonal
About once a month our Weekly morning run will preview one of the BTRS race courses (usually the upcoming one). For more info, go to our events page: FB Events Page.

Bellingham 6 Brewery Challenge
Join us for a fun and social run to all 5 local breweries and one non-brewery that will take you through many local urban trails. We will end at Kulshan. All paces, run is about 4 miles. For more info, dates, locations visit our Facebook page. This run is lots of fun. For winter and early spring dates, bring your headlamp! Using themed dress up.

Pine & Cedar 24 hr Challenge
Monthly Challenge
We challenge you to try to do as many repeats as possible in 24hrs on Pine and Cedar Trail. One repeat: 4 miles, 1650ft climbing. The record holder is Aaron Poh with 11 repeats. For more details visit out FB Events Page.

Cross Chuckanut 20 Mile Run
A group run where we all stay together and run from Blanchard Mountain to Fairhaven. Usually 17-20 miles. We do this run once every month or two. Fun, challenging, with about 4,500ft of climbing and lots of fun trails! Bring a headlamp.

Seasonal Fun Runs
We offer many seasonal runs with various themes like Valentine’s Day Undie Run, Solstice Run & Plunge, Holiday Run on Galbraith, and more.

Get A Great Butt For Free!

Busy schedules can sometimes make going to a gym difficult, but that is just one or many reasons why less people are joining fitness centers. Budget concerns have also come to be the significant reason why more individuals are taking a look at the viability of exercising in the home. Below are a few activities that you may engage in to remain fit without the burden of monthly or yearly membership fees along with the hassle of a commute to a gym.

Running, Walking or Hiking

Obviously, we love running, walking and hiking. Each of those as mentioned are aerobic activities that require the utilization of the muscles of your thighs and increase your oxygen intake and make your heart rate increase above it’s resting rate. Obviously the endurance and aerobic impact of every one of these types of exercise increases with speed and distance covered.

Virtually anyone who does not have a medical problem or injury can begin their own exercise program – even right now if they wish to. One hour of quick walking can consume 370 calories and lead to weight loss along with the aerobic benefits that you will also receive. Running and jogging will also burn a lot more calories, however, when this is the first attempt at a fitness regime, begin with walking and develop speed and distance slowly.

You’ll be more inclined to continue regularly for at least the initial first couple of weeks, and you may always step it up when you feel as though you’re prepared. You can also do many of the upper body and butt exercises at home.

If you reside in a region where walking around the area in your sneakers isn’t a good notion then think about a treadmill. Manual treadmills start at about $100 and will readily accommodate the requirements of the majority of walkers and joggers. It’s possible to spend a great deal more and purchase a gym quality treadmill using pre-programmed sessions which you can use for inclines. These can really work your butt.

And of course, you can also join our club!

Diet & Butt Creams

Your diet also plays a major part in getting your buttocks bigger. If you’re now underweight, you want to eat more. If you’re overweight, you will need to shed weight. This, though, will be dependent on your genes. There are individuals whose fats readily develop on the butt while some have them around their waists. If yours goes to the butt, then you want to add calories up to be able to make it larger. If not, then you need to lower your calorie consumption to make your upper body appear smaller and your buttocks bigger.

Now, there are also a few natural things that can help you to get in to a great shape. These can be fish oils, different herbs and also butt creams. Butt enhancement creams combine many of the ingredients mentioned above to provide optimum results.

Hiking Works The Butt

Regardless of what metropolitan region that you reside in, odds are that there’s a trekking route within half an hour of town limits. It is possible to wear your walking shoes or sneakers to go with but should you realize that you like it a fantastic set of hiking boots will supply you with far superior ankle support than your athletic shoes and a steel sole to reduce injury from sharp stones.

Based upon the vertical problem of the road, the rate you walk at, and the number of snacks you carry on your backpack, hiking may burn off more than 500 calories an hour, and it can also work your butt a lot. A two-hour walk in and also a two-hour walk out will burn off the equivalent calories of a whole day’s food consumption.

Hiking is often a whole day’s effort so you may wish to limit it and take a few days off after each hike. But in case you haven’t done it for a while, you may find hiking to an enjoyable difference to your usual jogging.


Weightlifting For Ladies

We have a few ladies in the club, and many of them swear by lifting weights to improve their running times. Thanks to the results of lots of female professional athletes that have shown during the Olympic Games by surprise, we’re certainly noticing a substantial increase in women making use of weights in order to shape a healthy and lean body. If you’re brand-new to weightlifting, we’re here to assist you, and we have actually had a few comments from a professional powerlifter too.

Weight training is fantastic for ladies as it can motivate them to exercise properly, utilizing the 3 big compound lifts to develop general strength. Roberta (a club member), who works as a fitness instructor when she’s not competing says “It can help us to tone and yet still keep a womanly look by decreasing body fat and also boosting muscle mass, that is an advantage as a pound of muscle mass by itself burns 9 calories a day whilst fat just burns 2.”

The fantastic aspect of powerlifting is that the compound exercises target every muscle group, especially those of the core, like running does. There are no particular stomach workouts. However, each activity makes use of your core and utilizes your abs to accompany these vital muscle groups, training them to operate in combination with the remainder of the body.

Since this is how you utilize your body in daily life, it’s a much more beneficial method to train your abdominals than working only your mid-section. Exercising all of your muscle groups assists in accelerating your fat burn, not only while you exercise but for hours later in the day, too, thanks to its impact on your metabolic process. Along with getting you fit, weightlifting increases skeletal strength and assists to decrease the threat of brittle bones.

Our fitness expert and lifter, Roberta stated: “As a lady, I really find weightlifting so empowering,” Roberta states. “Being strong makes daily life simpler, too. It likewise makes the weight area in the gym to appear a little less daunting! I feel a great understanding that I can train using a structure as well as an understanding of my objectives, something which powerlifting showed me”. When you see yourself getting more powerful, you may likewise begin to care less about those figure on the scales, but more about the figure on the weights.

Determining your development by doing this can actually seem like a big accomplishment. “You do not need to train exclusively to lift the max weight. However, you can make use of powerlifting to improve your exercise and influence a long-lasting objective of increasing your strength,” Roberta states. “As my strength greatly increased, I had a need to support my back with a belt. I got the wrong one at first that was a disaster!! Thankfully, I found one of the top weightlifting belts for ladies.  These are one of the many weird things that you learn when you take to the gym with weights”.

Olympic barbells utilized for weight training in a fitness center are typically 20lbs. However, you will likely discover lighter bars which weigh much less if those are too much for you. Slowly increase the amount of weight you raise till you can handle the a proper Olympic barbell . Make one of the powerlifts (which could be the squat, bench press or deadlift) your primary action in each exercise, utilizing as great a mass as you can while keeping good form.

Then you can simply carry out the rest of the motions with a somewhat less level of resistance to make up the remainder of your exercise. 3 exercises a week will target your entire body, burning fat and enhancing both your muscles as well as bones.